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It is with great conviction and solidarity for our nation that I run for US Congress District 5 Tennessee.  I stand with the people of our district and great nation in hopes of ending an error in which our security and freedoms are threatened if not banished. The current establishment is bartering us to the enemy within in our borders, dividing citizens on the actions of a few and threatening our constitutional rights as citizens. I do not fear our enemy as much as I do the lawmakers that continue to be voted into office, term after term.   That is the purpose of terms; if it’s not in the best interest of the country after two years, vote them out, our choice!  It is time for “change” and to end what is becoming an “American Revolution of civil unrest.”


As a Republican, I firmly believe in the Constitution that this country is based upon. The Constitution lays out a pathway for Americans to have order, liberty, and justice, making the United States the best nation to be a part of.  America, which has been defined as a melting pot, continues to grow more diverse as the rest of the world. People may join in the riches here in America, regardless of sex, race, national origin, religion, or disability, but all who wish to become an American citizen, should with the want to embrace the Constitution as I and many other fellow Americans. 

Preparing for Growth

  • Expand and improve Nashville's Mass-Transit system to connect our neighborhoods and local jobs.
  • Develop and improve local roadways, bridges, and power supplies to carry forth the 5th District's future growth.

Financing Our Future

  • Support for creation of new local business for all of District 5.
  • Impose higher quality - equal opportunity jobs for all individuals.
  • Support investments in our local public safety department to ensure safer neighborhood communities.

Re-New Education

  • As a father with children, I have experienced the Nashville Public School system, and I support neighborhood community school systems.
  • Support reduction in grade and classroom size that student with individual needs can be met.


Education is a top priority issue for me personally as I am a concerned father of two.  Education needs to be handled at local levels and no longer managed by the current bureaucratic establishment.  Our Federal Government should be supporting our teachers who educate and shape our nation's future, not dictating a political agenda for them.

Energy & Infrastructure


America must continue to work towards becoming a self-supporting and energy self-sufficient within the borders. We need to cease in relying on the use of oil and fund projects, for research and development of alternative energy.  This should be ongoing, as it will need to carry on through future generations. 


This is a means to solve a significant issue by creating jobs for Americans.   In turn, our economy will be rejuvenated, once again.  All bridges, dams, and interstates are in need of extensive repair if not a replacement.  At the same time, we must allow our infrastructures to become more time efficient for the people. Giving people jobs like these will increase their sense of self-worth, and make our country prosper once again. Most Americans want to be a part of a company or own their own business, not prosper by handouts from the government.

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